Petabi strives to provide useful and effective security tools to consolidate the mountain of data flowing through an organization’s information systems and bring sense to this data.  Fundamentally, the data present in any organization’s information system is unique to that system. Rather than adopt macro trends from the Internet in general Petabi believes that the system must be most responsive to local trends and vagaries.  As such, Petabi systems are designed to evolve and optimize to the organization rather than the organization needing to adopt and accommodate the system. Finally, Petabi believes that computer security is potentially one of the most difficult disciplines in computer science because it combines aspects from so many disparate fields of study.  As such, Petabi codifies knowledge into the system to provide a means to not only learn semi-autonomously, but to allow the preservation of expert system knowledge in addition to pre-qualifying and pre-quantifying data. This allows the user to sift away all the data that is well known and focus on true anomalies. The ultimate goal is to provide a holistic system that is Intelligent, evolving and adapting locally, Visible, in highlighting the truly anomalous, and Simple, such that any user can gain value with minimal training or understanding of computer security or the system.


Petabi was founded by Dr Min Sik Kim with the dream of creating a holistic security tool that could simplify security management.  This dream began as Dr. Kim worked towards a PhD in Computer Science while simultaneously co-founding Infnis Networks.  Dr. Kim began pursuing this research after accepting an Assistant Professorship at Washington State University.  Dr. Victor C. Valgenti joined Dr. Kim’s Network Research Laboratory in 2007 and, together with several other students, developed some of the initial research that has come to form the core of Petabi.  In 2013 Dr. Kim decided to form Petabi with aid from Dr. Valgenti and some other team mates (all graduates from Washington State University).  Over the past five years Petabi has expanded the foundational research to include high-speed regular expression matching, heterogeneous event management, and automatic signature generation (All patented or patent-pending technologies). These technologies provide the ability for Petabi security products to finally achieve that vision of holistic security.


E-mail: info@petabi.com
Address: 2082 Business Center Drive, Irvine CA 92612

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